Armenia and Armenians

What are famous people saying?

“Sacrifice. an integral part of Armenian history. I look forward to the day when I will kiss the Armenian soil, warmed by the blood of so many victims.”

John Cusack

American actor

“If the scriptures are understood correctly, Armenia is the place where heaven is found. But whatever their fate, which has been pitiful compared to what was to come, their country must always be one of the most interesting in the world. Armenian is the language of speaking with God.”

George Byron

English poet

“Armenians should be in the center of our attention and the attention of the whole world, because they have a wonderful culture, which was created by independent Armenians for centuries. Also their exceptionally rich literature, which is Armenia’s glorious contribution to the treasury of humanity.”

Valery Brusov

Russian linguist

“A nation whose Christian faith is so ancient, a nation which has not turned its back on Christ even after the fiercest storms and the cruelest persecutions, whose path is almost endless suffering, surely deserves not only our sympathy but our love.”

Max Saxe

Prince of Saxony

“An impressive sight opens before us. We fly over the snow-capped mountains of Armenia. This is where Noah landed in his ark during the global flood. In the noise and voices of the headphones, we heard the voice of the Armenian dispatcher: “Welcome, accept greetings from the entire Armenian nation.” The voice had such genuine affection. I wish all countries were so hospitable.”

Richard Branson

English businessman

“I think that Yerevan, built from volcanic tuff and harmonious like a rose, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.”

Pablo Neruda

1971 Nobel prize winner for literature

“In general, very little has been known about Armenia, although culturally, Europe owes it many things. During the embryonic period of history, Armenia was one of the origins of civilization. Thousands of years before the Christian era, Armenia’s economy, arts and popular traditions developed to such an extent that its culture encouraged Egypt, Greece and Rome materially and spiritually.

Elizabeth Bauer

Austrian Armenologist

“In my memory, Armenia will remain a country of indescribable beauty.”

Marco Clemente

Former Italian ambassador to Armenia

“Armenia is an attractive and unique country for tourism and primarily due to its security and stability.”

Jaibril Boutros Jaara

Former Lebanese ambassador to Armenia

“Armenia is a book with which the first people learned…”

Osip Mandelstam

Russian and Soviet poet

“Armenia is a big and safe country…”


Greek military leader, philosopher, and historian

“Armenians cannot be defeated, they can be divided…”

Darius the First

Persian ruler, third King of Kings of the Achaemenid Empire

“Armenia is a cradle of civilization, one of the leading and developed countries of the ancient world.”

Franz Werfel

Austrian-Bohemian novelist, playwright

“The history of the Armenian people is a widespread test – a test of survival…”

Fritjof Nansen

Norwegian polymath and Nobel Peace Prize laureate

“The Armenian nation is always and everywhere a useful, creative and effective element.”

Mao Tung

Chinese statesman and politician