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Dsegh village with its forested mountains, steep and rocky valleys, plateau, and high mountain lake is one of the most beautiful villages of Lori region. Its history dates back to BC. from the period. It is rich in historical and cultural monuments. The village, with its unique color, was a source of inspiration for the works of the famous and popular Armenian writer Hovhhanes Tumanyan, who was born in Dsegh.

By choosing this destination, you will have pleasant and memorable experiences in Lori unique and wonderful nature, where pleasant impressions will accompany you to the world of fairy tales and stories of the great writer.

Well, of course, being in Dsegh, it is impossible not to visit and start the tour from Tumanyan’s House-Museum, in the courtyard of which the great writer’s “world-embracing heart” is summed up in a chapel specially built for that purpose. The central church of the village is located right next to the museum, the remaining parts of the original building date back to the 7th century. After visiting the church, we will move to the end of the village where the beauty of Dsegh is located, Tsover Lake, on the shore of which you will have the opportunity to relax and have a picnic.

Then we will have a walk through the picturesque forests of Lori, where again the hero of Tumanyan’s favorite work – Hambo, took his young son Gikor to work in Tiflis so that he could share the hard work of the family a little. On the hike, we will meet the spring of the same name from which Gikor and his father drank water while passing by, we will see chapels and khachkars, and of course, in the end, we will see the magnificent but unfortunately half-destroyed 13th century St. Grigor Church with its wonderful architecture and ornate sculptures.


  • Transportation
  • Guide or Guide-driver
  • Parking fee
  • Drink water 0.5l for each person
  • H. Tumanyan House-Museum ticket

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Tour Plan

  • H. Tumanyan's home-museum
  • Church of Dsegh
  • Lake Tsover
  • Hiking about 1.5-2km
  • Medieval chapel
  • A source of Gikor
  • Monastery Bardzrakash St. Grigor

Important Information

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  • The cost of the trip is calculated from Yerevan.

  • Entrance fees to the visited places are not included in the price of the trip, as long as they are paid. And most of them are free.

  • The price of the trip does not include the services of the guide or guide-driver. The prices of the mentioned service depend on the selected route, the number of passengers and the language in which the service is to be provided. To make the trip more interesting and memorable, it is recommended to use the service of a guide or guide-driver. During the trip, the guide or guide-driver will not only introduce you to the history of the place to be visited, but will also be the assistant and consultant and a pleasant interlocutorduring the trip.

  • The starting point and end point of the trip, as well as each point, can be changed as desired: removed, added, replaced.

  • If none of the presented directions satisfied your wishes, you can draw your own travel direction.

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