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One of the famous spiritual and scientific centers of medieval Armenia, the famous monastic complex of Tatev, is the beauty of Syunik region. Being located in the highland mountains, it was also an inaccessible fortress not only for the local monks, but also for the students studying in the monastery and the residents of the surrounding villages to take shelter from enemy attacks. From the territory of the monastery there is a wonderful view of the observation post of Harsanadzor, from where the bells were used to inform about the attack of the enemy. Next to the monastery, you can also see the 17th-century oil mill, where through an animated video, you can learn about how in the late Middle Ages oil was extracted from various seeds, which were used for the needs of the monastery. You can reach the monastery either by car, going down and up through the beautiful and high bends of the Vorotan river gorge, or by the “Tatever” ropeway, which is considered the longest (5.7 km) in the world, admiring the beautiful nature of the Vorotan gorge from a height of more than 300m.

The unique and wonderful Old Khndzoresk village is located on the right and left slopes of the mountain valley cut by deep ravines on the north-eastern edge of the present-day Khndzoresk village. There is an opinion that due to its geographical location, the village was named Khor Dzor, then Khordzoresk, and later Khndzoresk. At first, most of the houses in Khndzoresk were cave-built, later stone houses were also built. Cave-dwellings were also original shelters. In addition to rocks consisting of a single cave, there are also rocks with caves dug at different heights. The inhabitants climbed into the cave-dwellings at a height of 20-30 m with ropes. In the course of time, houses were built in the front parts of the caves, which were arranged in the form of a trap with a steep mountain slope upwards. the terrace of one house served as a yard for another house. So, from a distance, the village gave the impression of a huge multi-storied building stretching up the mountainside. Among the famous monuments of the village are Khndzoresk fortress, Sona spring, St. Thaddeus, St. Hripsime, Anapat (Desert)churches and the rock-hewn church of the 9th-10th centuries. The Anapat (Desert) church was a center of writing where many manuscripts were written and preserved. The grave of the great Armenian General Mkhitar Sparapet is located in the cemetery of the church yard. The village became more famous when, in 2012, the 160m long and 63m maximum height, unique, beautiful and spectacular swinging bridge connecting the two canyons was built here.


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